Smarti Folding Mobility Scooter


This incredible compact scooter is not only easily stored and transported, but also has an incredible “Remote Control” opening and closing action. No more bending over to unfasten clips and pull levers, just push a button on the key fob and watch the Smarti unfold effortlessly in front of you! The powerful motors smooth action take this scooter from folded for storage to ready to use in under 20 seconds.



The Smarti is a small class 2 automatic folding mobility scooter, manufactured by Monarch. Due to the ease of folding and un-folding the scooter using a remote control key fob, the Smarti is an ideal solution for those who struggle to dismantle scooters, however there is also the option to open and close the scooter manually.

Available in: Red, Blue

Max Battery Range: 10 miles

Type of Batteries: Lithium-ion

No of Wheels: 4

Type of Tyres: Solids

Max Speed: 4mph

Max User Weight: 136k

Key or Switch Operation: Key

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Red, Blue


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